Whirlwind Rapid Action Bi-Parting Doors

Interdoor Whirlwind
Recognised by many as the leading bi-parting high speed door on the market, the WHIRLWIND is the high speed door of choice for Interdoor and some of the largest blue chip companies across Europe.

In 2019, Interdoor launched the WHIRLWIND VE 2019 bi-parting high speed door system – a significantly improved door system to both the previous version of the WHIRLWIND. The improvements made to the WHIRLWIND have directly led to a reduction in ongoing maintenance costs for its users.

The WHIRLWIND VE 2019 is the first bi-parting high speed door to have a wind classification, meaning it can be “truly” used as an external door and in internal areas where wind pressures are high.

The WHIRLWIND’s opening speed of 3m/s, ensures it is classified as one of the World’s fastest, yet safest, industrial doors.

Some of our customers that use these doors

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