Interdoor is delighted to have secured a new high speed door maintenance contract with Booker & Makro to maintain all the high speed doors across its UK estate.

Booker and Makro are two of the most well-known wholesalers in the UK.

Interdoor’s Managing Director, Mark Roberts, said that “we have targeted working with the Booker Group since the end of 2017 and a lot of hard work from the maintenance team at Interdoor has led to us winning this high profile contract. I am delighted with the work that the team have put in over the last few months and I am delighted that Interdoor is linked with another high profile customer.”

Mark continued “Interdoor’s predecessor, Envirodoor Limited, sold doors to Makro on an ad hoc basis, but never had a fixed maintenance contract in place. After reviewing the maintenance offering of Interdoor’s competitors and due to the level of service and technical ability Interdoor is able to provide, the Booker Group have agreed to a contract to cover its entire Group estate and is something we are very proud of.”