Interdoor, one of the few companies in the UK able to install and maintain large hangar doors, is delighted to have secured a 12 month maintenance contract with Liverpool Airport to maintain the hangar doors, fire station doors and baggage handling doors at the airport.

In early 2018, Liverpool Airport decided to move away from Interdoor and use another company to provide its door maintenance services; however, the customer quickly realised that there are few companies able to rival the technical expertise and service levels that Interdoor are able to offer. Accordingly, once the maintenance contract came to an end with the other door company, the maintenance team at Liverpool Airport contacted Interdoor asking if they would return to be their door maintenance provider.

Mark Roberts, Managing Director of Interdoor, said “We occasionally lose a maintenance contract to a competitor on price or due to competitors convincing a customer that they can offer the same service as Interdoor; however, customers quickly discover that few companies are able to provide the service that we can, both from a technical point of view and also the response times we are able to provide. We are delighted that Liverpool Airport have returned to us and we hope to have a long relationship with them in the future.”