Interdoor’s parent company has changed its name to Industrial Doors R Us.

It changes its name from Butzbach Limited to Industrial Doors R Us Limited in an attempt to demonstrate to the UK market place that Interdoor not only supplies and maintains doors manufactured by Butzbach GmbH Industrietore, products which Interdoor and its predecessor, Envirodoor, have been famous for over the last 25 years; but, also specialist doors supplied by a number of other manufacturers.

The Group Managing Director, Mark Roberts, said “We want to let the market place understand that we are not just a ‘one trick pony’ only able to supply and maintain products manufactured in Germany by Butzbach GmbH Industrietore; but our training, our skill set(s) and our relationship with the majority of industrial door manufacturers, enables Interdoor to supply and maintain all forms of specialist industrial doors. Whilst we consider that there remains no one better in UK market place to work on doors manufactured by Butzbach GmbH Industrietore, due to our continuing relationship that started 25 years ago, we would like everyone to know that there is very little we cannot do when it comes to industrial doors.”

Mark Roberts continued, “We have found that when people understand that Interdoor is not just about Butzbach, then they want to speak to us about supplying and maintaining a whole range of industrial doors because of the service levels and customer commitment that we are able to offer. This is why we considered it prudent to change the name of Interdoor’s parent company to one which is more synonymous with industrial doors in general.”