Interdoor is celebrating after securing a long term maintenance contract for the acoustic doors at Elstree Studios.

Elstree Studios advertises itself as the No.1 Film and TV Studio in London and is home to some of the top shows on British Television such as The Crown, Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice and Room 101.

Elstree, also famous for being the “birthplace of Star Wars”, selected Interdoor out of a handful of specialist door companies in the UK but ultimately chose Interdoor because of its breadth of experience in the acoustic door market and its history of working alongside other large film studio companies, such as Pinewood Studios, Wimbledon Studios and the BBC Studios in Manchester.

Mark Roberts, Managing Director of Interdoor, said “Interdoor and its predecessor, Envirodoor, have always been known as one of the UK’s foremost experts on acoustic doors and it is a great honour to work with one the UK’s most well known film and TV studios”.