Following an 8-month long procurement process, Interdoor is now in a position to obtain parts for all industrial doors it maintains from suppliers in the UK, thus putting Interdoor in a strong position should a “No Deal Brexit” happen and importing from Europe becomes difficult.


The majority of specialist industrial doors in the UK are manufactured in Europe, particularly Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Scandinavia. As such, anyone requiring parts for these doors must import them directly from the manufacturer in Europe.


Due to its wealth of experience in the industrial door sector, Interdoor, through its procurement agents, Alpaca Procurement, has carried out an intensive programme of finding UK suppliers for each and every part of the industrial doors that it maintains.


The process has involved making each and every part using a number of techniques, such as 3D printing, casting and extrusions and finding not only UK companies who are able to make the parts but who are able to supply them quicker than anyone else in the market and at the best price in the market place.


For this reason, should Britain leave the EU with no deal, Interdoor and its customers will not be affected by any issues that may arise from the inability or delays caused to importing materials from Europe.


Mark Roberts, Managing Director of Interdoor, said “Whilst we have every intention to continue working with our European partners in the future, towards the end of 2018, we agreed that we had no way of knowing what the impact of Brexit would mean to our business and to our customers. For this reason, we took a proactive step to ensure that whatever happens when Britain eventually leaves the EU, our business is not affected. We therefore instructed Alpaca Procurement to help us and together we have produced a guarantee that Brexit will not have any material impact on our business in the future. This exercise may prove to have been a waste of time, effort and money; however, for the sake of our business and all of our customers who rely upon our services to keep their own businesses running, we considered that this step was the right thing to do in order to guarantee that Brexit does not change the way we operate.”