Interdoor is delighted to have launched the new 2019 Whirlwind VE high speed bi-parting door to the UK market.

For over 25 years Interdoor and its predecessor, Envirodoor, has sold and maintained the Whirlwind high speed bi-parting door to customers throughout the UK; however, there was a real danger that the model would be overtaken as one of the best industrial door systems in the market place. Accordingly, Interdoor has been working closely with its German partner, where the Whirlwind is manufactured, to update the door system and not only make it a much superior door system but also to help users of the door reduce their long term maintenance costs.

The main differences between the 2019 Whirlwind door and its predecessor are:


2019 Whirlwind

Original Whirlwind & Novosprint


Opening Speed

3 m/s 3 m/s

Wind Classification

Class 2


Springs in Guides


Full length Vision Panel

(as standard)


(possible but at extra cost)

Installation Time

5 hours

8 hours

Automatic opening on power failure (as standard)


(possible but at extra cost)

Single Curtain Thickness

Up to 3mm 1.5mm
Curtain Rupture Resistance 4000N / 50mm

2900N / 50mm

Exposed Base of Motor (cooling & easy maintenance)


Full Anti-Crash System



Interdoor’s Managing Director, Mark Roberts, said that “The 2019 Whirlwind is a game changer as far as high speed bi-parting door systems go. Interdoor has worked with its German partner over the last 12 months to improve the door system that has been regarded by many as one of the leading industrial doors in the market place.”

Mark continued “Not only does the 2019 Whirlwind have a wind classification, meaning that it can be “correctly” used as an external door or in areas with high wind pressures; but the thicker curtain, full anti-crash system, exposure of the motor base and the removal of the door springs from the guide into the head section all mean that the customer’s maintenance costs will dramatically reduce from those experienced with the original Whirlwind door and shutdowns to their day to day operations due to door failures will reduce.”

Mark ended saying “the 2019 Whirlwind surpasses any other bi-parting / horizontal opening high speed door on the market including the original Whirlwind and the Novosprint, another German bi-parting door which Interdoor and Envirodoor have both sold in the past.”